Series Three

His life’s work

Merry Christmas; or midwinter festival of your choice, should you happen to be someone who does not wish to celebrate Christmas.  It’s no problem to me if you don’t want to celebrate it.  I ‘celebrate’ Christmas as a time when family and friends get together to exchange gifts as a token of their appreciation for…Read more

Slow learner

It’s interesting to note that my occasional co-writer, Jennifer Kirk, thought Jo (the white/orange character who is usually found in the company of Kevin) was a girl.  I’ve never considered Jo to be anything more than … well … Jo.  Gender is often undetermined in the Nob Mouse universe – the characters are first and…Read more

Favourite Food

It’s not often that I attempt a continuous story in the Series Three style.  In fact, the only other time I’ve done this was A Trip Down Memory Lane which, let’s admit it, was not my finest hour.  Today’s comic is a continuation of sorts from Friday’s Still Life.  This was not intended at the…Read more

Still Life

I sometimes think that Wilf is the Nob Mouse equivalent of the ‘big fat party guy’ stereotype, only not always quite as anchored to the real world.  Okay, he has his moments of annoyance (as can be seen when he argues with Franky during the Pie Noon saga) but he is, in general, quite an…Read more


With NaNoWriMo being a significant drain on my time, the chances of more Series Three stories than Series Two ones this month are significant.  I’m not saying it’s definitely going to be a month of three-panel stories, but chances are high. This one came to me late on Sunday, i.e. yesterday by the time this…Read more

Sweet Tooth

When an idea strikes you, it isn’t like someone punching you in the face; although the experience can be just as shocking.  It’s more like someone grabs you by the ears and pulls your head toward theirs, so they can better shout in your ear.  That’s how ideas strike me, anyway.  Your experiences may be…Read more