The Life of Nob T. Mouse has, over the years, developed a large and varied cast.  The following list of short biographies will, with a little luck, help either get you up-to-date on who is who in Blob City, or act as a casual reminder to long-term fans.

First: the goodies!

Nob T. Mouse

Some people are born to greatness, some simply wander into it and can’t remember how to get back out.  Nob T. Mouse (the ‘T’ stands for ‘The’) is in the latter category.

Nob is the mayor of Blob City and its premier chef.  He runs Café Nob, which has become the de facto meeting place for the burgeoning city.  By day he works as a chef and performs what mayoral duties may be required of him.  By night, he works as a chef and performs what mayoral duties may be required of him.  When help is required, however, he will often be the first on the scene, doling out justice and performing what mayoral duties may be required of him.

On occasion, Nob Mouse can be seen travelling through time and space, either as a sole, mysterious traveller (a la ‘Doctor Nob‘) or as the captain of a cheese-shaped spaceship (a la ‘Nob Trek).  He was once also the corrupt ruler of a parallel universe, where he was known as Lord Mouse.  These incarnations of Nob Mouse may or may not be the same as the one who lives at Café Nob, thanks to the effects of Quantum History.



Franky is, to put it bluntly,  bit thick – but nice with it.  In addition to providing necessary comic relief (and occasionally saving the day), Franky is the owner of the city’s hat museum and a popular broadcaster on Blobland Radio, the premier (only) radio station in Blob City.  Franky really, really likes hats and won’t say no to a spot of adventuring.

Franky has also been spotted as a mad inventor in a parallel universe, with Bricky as an assistant.  Quantum History and the standard sci-fi idea of parallel worlds go some way to explaining this.


What can we say about Wilf that can’t be summed up as ‘good natured, fat lump’?  Well, it’s difficult to say, really.  He’s good natured.  He’s always willing to help out when there’s trouble but he can be a bit slow on the uptake and his is an appetite that knows no bounds.  When the chips are down, he’s a study member of the team – call on him if you’ve got a problem and he’ll not let you down.  Also, call on him if you have a lot of leftover cake and don’t want to see it go to waste.  He’ll not let you down.


Kevin is usually rather good natured but he does have his reckless, youthful side and he’s often liable to get the wrong end of the stick where metaphors are concerned.  It’s best to spell things out clearly for him.  He’s often seen in the company of Jö, who acts as his de facto sidekick and troublemaker in chief.


Although initially brought in as Nob Mouse’s chief sidekick (a position now more often taken up by Franky), Bricky has been somewhat relegated to the position of once-regular extra.  The main reason for this is that Bricky only says ‘Pop’, and that makes it very difficult to write jokes for him. Nevertheless, expect Bricky to show up whenever there’s trouble, because being monosyllabic is no barrier to seeking justice!


Spam is a cat who knows what he wants, and what he wants is to Get Rich – Quick! Oddly enough, Spam got his name and concept before the concept of ‘Spam’ as ‘unsolicited bulk e-mail’ was a common household term, which may be proof that memes can travel backward in time.  Either that or it’s a massive coincidence.  If there’s a money-making scheme going down, you can bet your arse Spam is involved in some fashion.  Maybe one day, he’ll actually achieve his life’s ambition.  Maybe.


Frank is a no-nonsense postman who likes nothing more than being a no-nonsense postman. If you need something delivered – be it a letter or an arse-kicking – you can count on Frank to get the job done.  Just don’t give him a boomerang.  He doesn’t like boomerangs.


Barman, confidante, and deep thinker – Plonk is all these and, well, little else. He’s not adverse to saving the world when it’s required but what he really enjoys is a chance to stay at home and chat to people in his bar. His is a life of simple pleasures in easy measures.

Bernard B. Bernard

If there’s something you need done, Bernard will be the one ticking it off on his clipboard and filing a report about it. He’s not adverse to saving the world but, if he’s honest, he’d prefer to just let other people do it and then write a report about it afterwards.  Lacking in imagination, incredibly boring for most of the time, and generally someone you’d call on to do the boring work you don’t want to do, then only invite to a barbecue because you’d feel guilty if you didn’t.

In case you’re wondering, his middle name is ‘Bernard’.

The Intensive Care Bears

Kevin’s favourite band. Part rap combo, part rock group, part rabble rousers in chief.  These guys know how to party, and how to make some ***** noise.

And now… the villains!

The Life of Nob T. Mouse doesn’t often go in for villain, but when it does, it makes sure they’re colourful, flawed and above all, entertaining.

Frederick Rabbitt

Driven insane years ago by Grandfather Time, Frederick is now convinced that pies are the source of all evil in the world; or perhaps it’s just that he thinks they want to achieve their dastardly goal by turning him into a pie, too?  Who can fathom the workings of such an insane mind?

Despite his madness, Frederick is a genious inventor and also the adoptive parent of Nob T. Mouse himself.  Neither of them likes to discuss their past relationship, however.  Perhaps that will come out in a later story, or perhaps we’ll leave it to your imaginations.

Frederick can occasionally be found piloting a spaceship, or running a café in an alternative universe.  Again, see Quantum History for an explanation of this.

King Nastie (and the Nasties in general)

Sometimes a story needs a villain so dastardly he has to go right through being a pain in the arse and live deep in ‘absolute git’ territory.  In these situations, you can rely on King Nastie and his army of Nasties (yes, they’re thoroughly lacking in imagination when it comes to names – they must save their thought processes for concocting evil deeds) to wreak havoc and rend entire civilisations asunder.  Or just to turn up and try to take over the world.  It’s your call.

The Pie Ghosts of Somewhere

Who knows what these foul beings are, or where they are from?  Nob Mouse certainly doesn’t!  Frederick has an idea, but he’s not telling – he’s ranting instead.  They can get into your mind; they can deflect energy beams with their minds; they can corrupt your plans and they seem to want to destroy the universe.  Why?  Only they know!  It’s probably best not to ask.

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