Sometimes I produce little things that are related to The Life of Nob T. Mouse but which don’t fit in as comics, stories for the blog or animations.  Normally I wouldn’t put them online because they don’t fit into these areas but now with the addition of this extras page, I have somewhere they can fit in nicely.  They aren’t big and they aren’t always clever, but I think you might enjoy them; or some of them at least.


In addition to our donation bonus wallpapers, here are some extras produced by reader request, based on scenes from the comics.

Fan Art

Sometimes people who like the series draw a picture or two of their favourite characters. Sometimes people I’ve done guest art for like to reciprocate by sending some art back my way. Either way, it gets displayed here in the fan art section. I hope you like it. 🙂

A drawing of Nob Mouse by Luke Healey of Swanny Nook
Nob Mouse, courtesy of Luke Healey of Swanny Nook (


These are quick sketches of characters, scenes or situations in the Nob Mouse universe.  They are often done while I’m bored, and they are often quite rough but they give you an idea of how the characters look before I’ve inked them in on the computer.

Unfinished Stories

The majority of the stories produced for The Life of Nob T. Mouse are completed but on occasion there have been strips which, for whatever reason, have fallen by the wayside.  Most of these are from Series One and many are attempts to produce the original version of Pie Noon. Some of these pages show ideas that were incorporated into later stories and some may become later stories in their own right.  When we find any of these original pages, we will make them available here.

  • Pie Noon, version 1 – the original opening page to Pie Noon.  Judging by the shape of Nob Mouse, most particularly his still-round nose, Zoë believes this page was produced shortly before Parallel Land.
  • Pie Noon, version 2 page 1 – before Series Two was thought up, I intended to continue Series One with a new set of stories.  Pie Noon was to be the opening story for this new set, but it got as far as two pages before the idea was aborted.  This is the first page.
  • Pie Noon, version 2 page 2 – This is the second page of the aborted continuation of Series One.  As you will no doubt see, the storyline was going in quite a different direction to the one that eventually made it into Series Two.  To me this feels more like Nob & The Pies meets Nob Trek than anything I’ve done in the new comics.

Creating the comic

The Life of Nob T. Mouse has been created using a variety of different methods over the years, from the original ‘grab some pencils, paper and a pen for inking then have at it’ approach used in Series One to the slightly more sophisticated ‘grab a pencil and some paper then have at it, we’ll ink and colour it on a computer to make it look better’ approach used from mid Series Two onwards. The only time the series has not been produced using paper sketches in the first instance was for the initial episodes of Pie Noon; which were sketched directly onto a computer, in a similar approach to how the original Nob Mouse animated series (copies of which are now unfortunately no longer in existence) was produced.

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