Two animations were produced of The Life of Nob T. Mouse, based on early-to-mid Series One stories, for the short-lived Internet television site ‘Reality’ Television (aka ‘RTV’).  The animations were grouped into two bundles, the first containing adaptations of Welcome, Mr Nob and Nob and the Cheese while the second contained a ‘feature-length’ version of Nob & The Pies.  Both were thought to be long since lost.

However, in December 2008 a disk containing the first set of animations (dubbed ‘RTV-1’ as the filename) surfaced during a routine sweep of Zoë Robinson’s office (this has to be done to ensure she hasn’t accidentally lost something important, like her keys or the cat).  When examined, the quality of the animation was even poorer than anyone remembered but it was nevertheless converted from .FLC format (the standard animation format of the time) to Quicktime’s .mov format so it could be uploaded to YouTube.  The result can be seen below.

The second animation has never been recovered, which is unfortunate.  A lot was learned during the production of the first animations and so Nob & The Pies is actually a watchable, enjoyable romp which was surprisingly faithful to the original comic.  It even featured walking animations, so the characters don’t simple slide along the floor when they move.  Of the two animations produced, it is unfortunate that the better one has been lost but that’s sometimes how these things work out.

We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the past.  In the future there may be new Nob Mouse animations, but if there are they won’t be soon.  Animation takes a lot of time and work, after all.

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