Pre-emptive biography

There is probably logic in this strip somewhere.  I tried to keep it out but these things slip in when you’re not looking, no matter how dilligent one tries to be.  If there is logic in here, I’m sure it’s impeccable when taken from the right point of view.  For everyone else it will be stupid, and that’s the basis of its humour.

I’m continuing the run of series three strips produced by myself and Jennifer Kirk this week, as I am still working hard at NaNoWriMo.  At the time of writing this (Saturday 08 November, after having just finished producing both of this week’s strips) I’m somewhat behind schedule on NaNo but that was to be expected since I basically took just over a day off to get work done on Nob Mouse.  I’ll catch up, I’m sure of it.

For those of you who were wondering, I am planning another Christmas special this year.  I’m considering making Halloween and Christmas two causes for annual ‘event’ strips, both of which are likely to be in the Series Two style.  Work on writing and sketching the Christmas episodes (currently planned as a three-parter but perhaps stretching to five parts if the story requires it) is already underway and I’m rather pleased with the story so far.  Given the nature of the strip, you can expect to see it running daily from Monday 22 December until it finishes.  Watch this space for more details!

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

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