Slight delay

I’m sorry but the next installment of Revenge of the Nasties will be delayed until tomorrow (Tuesday 31st March) due to workload.  I don’t like falling behind but sometimes it has to happen because my coursework gets on top of me. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Nob Mouse on Kidjutsu

We here at The Nob Mouse Network were recently invited to join the collection of publishers who distribute their comics through Kidjutsu, a children-oriented comics publisher.  Now you can view ‘Pie Noon’ in high resolution using their full-screen, flash-based comic browser.  It really is an amazing piece of software and I’m impressed by its speed….Read more

His life’s work

Merry Christmas; or midwinter festival of your choice, should you happen to be someone who does not wish to celebrate Christmas.  It’s no problem to me if you don’t want to celebrate it.  I ‘celebrate’ Christmas as a time when family and friends get together to exchange gifts as a token of their appreciation for…Read more