The simplest explanation

Sometimes people just don’t believe what’s right in front of them. This can be because either they don’t want to believe it, or they simply can’t believe it.  Sometimes it could be a mixture of these, I suppose, but which is more common is something I can’t go into because I’m not as well versed in psychology as I’d perhaps like.

This is the basic thinking behind today’s strip.  The strip came to me fully formed while I was drawing last Monday’s comic; as these things sometimes do.  I like it when that happens because it means I have to expend less effort putting together something for your enjoyment, yet I still get something to show you.  Who can pass up that kind of opportunity?  Not I, that’s for certain.

If you have a look at the About The Comic page, you will find I’ve added a little bit to the end of it.  This is mainly a link to a short YouTube film I produced while working on one of the earlier Pie Noon episodes from Series Two.  It demonstrates how I produced the comics back then and the process is pretty much the same now, only I use less ‘fill’ now and also don’t use two inking layers.  The new method is much faster and I think it also makes the comic look a lot better, so it’s a win-win situation.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Writer, artist, vlogger. Creator of Britain's first webcomic.