A trip down memory lane, part 3

I concerned that the jokes in this story just aren’t coming, which is unfortunate. It has been an experiment in telling a story in successive three-panel strips and I don’t think it’s working in this particular case. Perhaps this would have been better as a long-form comic on a Monday. In future, I’ll use the Monday comics for stories of this nature and stick to the joke-a-day format for the Friday comics. That’s not to say I’ll not do stories in the Friday comics, they just wont be this kind of story.

Next week will see the end of this storyline and I’m already building up the stories to follow it, which is useful. I’m trying to get ahead of myself so I have time to work on the jokes, refine them and hopefully make the strips something you’ll really look forward to. There’s also the start of a new story on Monday, which I hope you’ll all enjoy. I won’t give any details away at the moment because you’ll see it all for yourself in just a couple of days. So for the time being, stay tuned!

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Writer, artist, vlogger. Creator of Britain's first webcomic.