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The comics in The Life of Nob T. Mouse are arranged into ‘series’, defined by both the period in which they were created and the comic form they take.  Because of this arrangement, the comics are now tagged with the series to which they belong.  This has the advantage that you can now search for comics by series and have them display in order, from the earliest to the latest.

The series are as follows:

Series One: Comics created between 1996 and 1999 inclusive.  Basically, the comic’s entire original run.

Series Two: Long form (multiple-panel, usually arranged in a rectangle) comics created from 2007 onward.  These are usually posted on Mondays under the current posting schedule.

Series Three: Short form (usually 3/4 panel) comics created from 2008 onward.  These are usually posted on Fridays under the current schedule.

I’ll be working on a full archive system for the comic at some point in the future but for now you can rely on the series links that will be appearing in the column on the right-hand side of the site to find the series you’re interested in.


Zoe Kirk-Robinson

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