I’m no fan of censorship so any chance to make fun of those who feel a need to censor things rather than just get on with their lives is a chance I have to take.  In this case, however, the joke was simply one that had to be told, whether I love to make fun of censorship or not.  The idea that someone couldn’t hear what someone else was saying because they’d been censored just seemed so funny when Jenny and I were discussing it.  Perhaps we could have gone with the speech being obscured by some kind of mic feedback whine or something similar but this, I think, was the better choice.

I’m away next weekend on holiday but I’ve got most of the strips finished to keep the series going while I’m away.  You should therefore see no drop in service unless something horrible happens to the server.  If that happens, I’ll not be able to fix it until I get back but don’t worry, I’ll do what I can when I return if such a horrible eventuality were to occur.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

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