Health and Safety

Lately Jenny and I have been discussing the way Health and Safety ‘officers’ and the general ‘health and saferty culture’ are ruining Britain.  When I reference culture in this aspect I am, of course, using it in the same context as, say, bacteria can have culture; i.e. it’s in no way anything near the level of the Renaissance or anything of that calibre.

Anyway, we were discussing the general decline of British culture and how this whole farce of ‘health and safety’ as a means of avoiding having to use common sense was a massive part in the downfall of our civilisation.  The comic stemmed from this, as will its sequel.  This is pretty much how the three-panel comics, and some of the Series Two efforts, come about: I talk about something with people (usually Jenny since she’s readily available for conversations what with living in the same house as me) and then the basis of our conversation will warp out of all proportion in that weird roller-coaster that is my imagination.  I’ll then wander off to jot down some ideas, often simply a series of lines of dialogue, before I forget them.  The comic is born later, out of these lines of dialogue and any hazy recollections of the original conversation that I may still possess.

Such is the means of creativity in the Nob Mouse studio.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Writer, artist, vlogger. Creator of Britain's first webcomic.