Mixing media

Hello, Mousers! Friday’s episode of The Life of Nob T. Mouse will feature a different rendering of Nob Mouse for the first time in quite a while. I enjoy mixing up media in order to give a visual representation of different regions, and I also enjoy showing Nob Mouse in different drawing styles (sometimes with…Read more

Ink experimentation

Hello, Mousers! I must wholeheartedly apologise for almost missing today’s update. The reason is that I’ve been experimenting with different forms of inking lately and my first attempts haven’t exactly gone to plan. Normally, I ink on the computer and it goes rather nicely. The ink looks good, it’s thick and bold when I want…Read more

Oh my!

Hello, Mousers! I’ll begin by apologising for the delay in updating the comic. I have an exam on the 18th and I’m also trying to buy a house. I have to therefore devote a lot of time to non-comic endeavours, which is a massive pain in the backside. In the mean time, I thought you…Read more

Crayon test

Hello again, Mousers! It has been many years since I coloured The Life of Nob T. Mouse by hand. In fact, it has been 11 years. The last hand-coloured storyline was Nasties! back in 1999. When I hand-coloured, I did it with coloured pencils for two reasons: I had no talent at painting, and they…Read more


Whoops. I set the update schedule wrong and didn’t notice until I was uploading next week’s strips, about five minutes ago. I have now corrected the schedule so Friday’s strip (which was set for tomorrow – I got the date wrong) is now available. I hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience for you.