Ink experimentation

Hello, Mousers!

I must wholeheartedly apologise for almost missing today’s update. The reason is that I’ve been experimenting with different forms of inking lately and my first attempts haven’t exactly gone to plan.

Normally, I ink on the computer and it goes rather nicely. The ink looks good, it’s thick and bold when I want it to be. It’s thin and less bold when I want it to be. Overall, it’s nice.

Today’s episode was inked by hand using an ink pen. I managed to vary the widths on the ink by altering the angle I drew at. It looks fantastic on paper. It’s bold, it’s thick where I want it to be and it’s thin where I want it to be, too. Overall, I’m very pleased with it.

Except when I scan it.

I don’t know whether it’s the paper quality (maybe it’s too thin?) or what but the ink that looks so nice on the paper comes out less than opaque when it is scanned. I tried changing the resolution and it didn’t help. I tried messing with the levels and that didn’t help either. Quite frankly, I’m not sure what I did wrong but it just didn’t look good.

Suffice to say I ended up inking today’s comic digitally as well, which is why it’s later than it should have been. I’ll keep experimenting with inking by hand because I think the results are well worth it but for now maybe I’ll just have to factor in more time to ink by computer as well, in case I get more bad results down the line.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

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