Crayon test

Hello again, Mousers!

A picture of Nob T. Mouse, inked in pen and coloured with crayons
Oooh, shiny! 😀

It has been many years since I coloured The Life of Nob T. Mouse by hand. In fact, it has been 11 years. The last hand-coloured storyline was Nasties! back in 1999. When I hand-coloured, I did it with coloured pencils for two reasons: I had no talent at painting, and they were what I had available.

Since the start of series two, I have inked and coloured on the computer but right now I’m considereding going back to basics for a short period, as part of the current storyline. When you see the episodes in question, I think you’ll get what I’m aiming to achieve with this. Until those go online however, I’m going to keep schtum.

Today I drew a quick picture of Nob Mouse, inked it with my trust inking pen (a 0.5mm Unipin Fine Line from Mitsubishi) then coloured it with some Crayola crayons. I was surprised just how well it came out without me having to adjust the levels on the scanner.

When I used to scan the comics on my old scanner, having any kind of waxy colour on the paper meant having to correct for shine. I’m happy to say I don’t need to do that with this HP Photosmart C4780. Maybe it’s because it’s a photograph scanner?

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