Where did it go?

Is it a really bad joke to have Nob Mouse telling Franky to ‘relax’?  Probably but never mind.  If there’s one thing The Life of Nob T. Mouse does often, it’s bad jokes.

This episode is a few hours late but at least it went up on the right day, which is a marked improvement over when I’m usually late.  It’s all down to me having had a lot of work on this last week and thus little time to work on the comic.  Sorry peeps but that’s how it goes sometimes.  Still, it’s back on schedule now and I hope to not have the same problem any time soon.

I’ve been told in between the comic going up and this post being written that I’ve misspelled ‘Barbecue’.  I was under the impression that the spelling I had chosen was simply an alternative spelling but it seems I am mistaken.  I shall, however, plead common useage on the variant in the comic but I’ll also no doubt change it to the correct spelling at some point.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

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