Posting a letter

When it takes almost five hours to produce one comic there’s got to be something wrong.  The sketch for the episode took only about twenty minutes, maybe half an hour.  Inking, colouring and lettering the comic took a lot longer, however.  I was able to listen to five episodes of House while producing today’s episode.  It seems my attempts to speed up production just don’t work.  Oh well.
This is my continued attempt to a) build characterisation amongst the characters who aren’t Nob Mouse; and b) not swamp the series with long story after long story.  I’m hoping the stories are enjoyable.

There seem to be problems with comments on the strip right now.  I’m not entirely sure why but I’m looking into it.  I know comments are possible because spammers keep trying to get people to look at their crappy little websites but whenever I try to make a comment, I can’t find the mechanism.  Pressing ‘Comment’ doesn’t work.  Not to worry though.  I’ll work it out soon, I’m sure.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Writer, artist, vlogger. Creator of Britain's first webcomic.