Nob Trek: The Next Adventure, part 2

I’ve been a fan of Star Trek since childhood, when I would try to have all my homework finished in time to sit and watch repeats of the Classic Series on BBC2 at 6pm; then the first run of later series of The Next Generation when they started up. Initially I wasn’t keen on The Next Generation but it grew on me with time and now I’m more likely to sit down to watch that series than any other in the Star Trek oeuvre.

I’m considering producing a limited run of a collection of Nob Mouse stories, with the working title of ‘The Collected Life of Nob T. Mouse’. I toyed with the idea of calling it ‘Nob Mouse’s Big Blue Book’ and then having the cover be orange or something, but my sister pointed out that Monty Python got there first with that particular joke. Oh well.

I’ll have more information on this as the idea develops and blooms into something special, or whatever.  Insert your own metaphor to suit your own tastes.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Writer, artist, vlogger. Creator of Britain's first webcomic.