Series Two and Three online

The entire back catalogue of Nob Mouse comics should now be online for your visual delectation.  I have left them in the same order they were in on the original site, because I find keeping the archives in chronological order generally makes reading the comics easier, and also provides a clear demonstration of the way the comic has developed.  There are a couple of ‘placeholder’ comics missing at the moment, such as the ‘snowed under’ comic and the one with Nob Mouse checking my progress during last year’s NaNaWriMo but I don’t think these are too important to the comic and I’ll upload them when I can find them in my backups.

If anything else is missing, I’ll find it and put it back into the comic in the correct place when I can.

I’m eager to hear what comments, if any, people have about the new look for the site.  It should make maintaining the site a lot easier from my point of view but I’m just as eager to make sure it looks and feels okay for you peeps too – after all, the site is here for your entertainment so if it’s not fitting the bill, please tell me!

Comments are open on all News and Commentary posts so feel free to comment away!  You should find it is pretty simple to comment since I’m using a WordPress system to run the site now.  I’ve disabled comments on individual comics but if people would prefer to be able to talk about the comics on the comics themselves, rather than the posts that are associated with them, then please say so and I’ll enable comments on all the comics.

Finally, let me please welcome you all to the new-look Nob Mouse Network.  I hope you like it!

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Writer, artist, vlogger. Creator of Britain's first webcomic.