Series Two

Pie Noon, part 25

Apologies once more for the delay in this, the final episode of Pie Noon, officially the longest story in the history of The Life of Nob T. Mouse. I’m rather pleased with it, although part of me is wondering whether I should have made more of the finale; possibly allowing the story to stretch to…Read more

Pie Noon, part 22

I’m sorry to say that the mystery illness that has had my many doctors flummoxed for the past three or four years (I lost track of when exactly I first went to one with these problems) struck again this week and prevented me from getting this episode finished on time. I apologise but there’s little…Read more

Pie Noon, part 20

I was a little apprehensious about this particular episode because of the decision to switch from Letter-o-matic’to Eurocomic fonts, the first being a free font from Blambot and the latter being a paid font that can be used outside of free comics. As I’m a professional comic artist I need a font I can guarantee…Read more