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Oh my!

Hello, Mousers! I’ll begin by apologising for the delay in updating the comic. I have an exam on the 18th and I’m also trying to buy a house. I have to therefore devote a lot of time to non-comic endeavours, which is a massive pain in the backside. In the mean time, I thought you…Read more

Crayon test

Hello again, Mousers! It has been many years since I coloured The Life of Nob T. Mouse by hand. In fact, it has been 11 years. The last hand-coloured storyline was Nasties! back in 1999. When I hand-coloured, I did it with coloured pencils for two reasons: I had no talent at painting, and they…Read more


Whoops. I set the update schedule wrong and didn’t notice until I was uploading next week’s strips, about five minutes ago. I have now corrected the schedule so Friday’s strip (which was set for tomorrow – I got the date wrong) is now available. I hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience for you.

Fan art

Luke Healey of the fantastic webcomic Swanny Nook sent me this brilliant picture of Nob Mouse yesterday. I recommend you have a look at his recently-rebooted comic as it is great. I have to say I like the idea of Nob Mouse wearing shoes with recognisable soles but my own drawings of him lost that…Read more