Scanner causing delays

Since the beginning of The Life of Nob T. Mouse in 1996, I have been using a Microtek Phantom 336CX scanner to get the hand-drawn comics onto my computer.  I bought the scanner around 1995 to make producing my first comic,Portly Stoutmaster’s Journeys, much easier.  It has worked flawlessly until a month or two ago, when the drive belt started failing.

I am sorry to say that it has now failed almost completely.  As a consequence, the sketches I have produced for both comics (Nob Mouse and All over the house) cannot be ported onto the computer for inking and colouring.  This is making comic production difficult.

I will get back on track as soon as I can but in the mean time, please forgive the delay; which is totally out of my control right now.

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Writer, artist, vlogger. Creator of Britain's first webcomic.