The Collected Life of Nob T. Mouse

Page one of The Masked Man, from the forthcoming graphic novel The Collected Life of Nob T. Mouse.  Click on the image for a larger version.
Page one of 'The Masked Man' from the forthcoming graphic novel, 'The Collected Life of Nob T. Mouse'.

I’m currently working on the layout of all the Series Three stories for The Collected Life of Nob T. Mouse, the forthcoming Nob Mouse graphic novel.  The idea is to make these more presentable, where possible, by rendering them as Series Two stories.

This won’t always be possible, of course, because some of them run only to three panels and where that happens I’ll work something else out, but for many of the stories will work well in this new form and it certainly makes the book look better, I must say.

The graphic novel will be out sometime in the middle of the year, if current projections work out.  I’ve not got a price worked out yet but I’ll keep it as low as possible because I want everyone to have a chance to own this thing.

The new look of the Series One stories is pretty good, too.  Once Nob & The Pies has been finished in the new style I’ll post that as an extra, or possibly add it into the comic series somewhere so you can all see how the book will look.  All the Series One stories are being re-drawn to add to their readability, because if I don’t do this the first X number of pages of the book will, quite simply, suck.  Series One was not designed for book viewing, after all.

More news as I get it.

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