A chat on the sofa

Nob Mouse came to visit me the other day.  This isn’t something that happens a lot, normally I go to visit him, but on occasion he likes to take a little time away from the quiet life at Blob City so he can experience the hustle and bustle of city life here with me.  He usually comes in disguise, of course.  This time the disguise was a big coat, a hat and a false mustache.  I hardly recognised him so it must have worked.

‘My, my,’ he said as he stomped his feet on the doormat.  ‘That’s very cold stuff you’ve got out there.  I don’t remember the ground being white last time I was here.  What happened?’

‘It’s called snow,’ I said.  ‘You’ve seen it before, surely?’

‘Snow?’ he asked, giving it a wary look.  ‘But it’s so cold.  It’s never that cold where I live.  Oh well.  Different cultures and traditions, I suppose.’

‘Yes,’ I said.  ‘People expect it to be cold here.  Can I get you some tea.’


He sat on the sofa while I made a pot of tea.

‘So, to what do I owe the pleasure?’ I asked.

‘Oh, it’s nothing important.  Zigg is having his car mended and I thought I’d come along for the ride.’

‘Is he in disguise too?’

Nob chuckled.  ‘No, no.  He had a better idea.’


He sipped his tea and chuckled to himself.  ‘It turns out we don’t need one.  He’s just telling people he’s going to a fancy dress party.’

Hubert Schlongson

The creator of the Blobland Band series of books, comics and radio plays. Hubert Schlongson's original stories were written to pay his mounting gambling debts after his short-lived olympic career ended in scandal following an all night bender involving baked beans, a diver's jerkin and a Flugelhorn.