The Original Animated Life of Nob T. Mouse

I am flabbergasted, I really am. After more than ten years (11 years 8 months, I believe) of thinking these things were lost forever, one of the two animated episodes ofThe Life of Nob T. Mouse has surfaced in one place I never thought I’d find them: the place I checked first when looking for them last time!  The world works in mysterious ways.

I have added a new Animations page to the website to commemorate this momentus occasion.  There you will find the less good of the two animations that were produced.  I would put up the better of the two but I haven’t found that one.  Sorry.  I hope you enjoy what I have found, however.  It took me a long time to produce (freehand, using a mouse, on a 25Mhz 386SX and a 256-colour pallette in 320×200 resolution) and even longer to find after I lost it!

There may be future animations of Nob Mouse and friends but don’t hold your breath because it takes so long to make one of these things that you’d be dead long before it was finished.  Remember kids, you can only go without oxygen for four minutes!

Zoe Kirk-Robinson

Writer, artist, vlogger. Creator of Britain's first webcomic.