With NaNoWriMo being a significant drain on my time, the chances of more Series Three stories than Series Two ones this month are significant.  I’m not saying it’s definitely going to be a month of three-panel stories, but chances are high. This one came to me late on Sunday, i.e. yesterday by the time this…Read more

Sweet Tooth

When an idea strikes you, it isn’t like someone punching you in the face; although the experience can be just as shocking.  It’s more like someone grabs you by the ears and pulls your head toward theirs, so they can better shout in your ear.  That’s how ideas strike me, anyway.  Your experiences may be…Read more


Those who remember the last time Bernard the Health and Safety man turned up will already know that I have no time for the kind of person who wants to control others, and this comic takes that loathing one step further.  I’m not suggesting anyone should go and commit assault and battery on public officials…Read more