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Although the majority of episodes from The Life of Nob T. Mouse are stand-alone affairs, there have been a number of longer-running stories.  Links to these have been collected here, along with a brief synopsis of each of them. Series One ran from 1996 to 1999 and contains what some claim is the Golden Age…Read more


Sometimes I produce little things that are related to The Life of Nob T. Mouse but which don’t fit in as comics, stories for the blog or animations.  Normally I wouldn’t put them online because they don’t fit into these areas but now with the addition of this extras page, I have somewhere they can…Read more


Two animations were produced of The Life of Nob T. Mouse, based on early-to-mid Series One stories, for the short-lived Internet television site ‘Reality’ Television (aka ‘RTV’).  The animations were grouped into two bundles, the first containing adaptations of Welcome, Mr Nob and Nob and the Cheese while the second contained a ‘feature-length’ version of…Read more

About the comic

The Life of Nob T. Mouse is one of the oldest web comics still on the Internet.  However, it is not considered to be one of the longest-running and many comics that have begun after it have far more episodes under their belt.  The series was created by writer/artist Zoë Robinson, based on characters she…Read more