A visit to Café Nob

Some people think Nob Mouse is not real.  To these people, I say: “Hahahahahaha!  You poor, deluded souls.”

I was talking to Nob about this just the other day, when I popped by Café Nob for one of my regular visits.  It’s a nice place, I’d recommend it to anyone.  Nob is a most courteous host and we enjoy one-another’s company very much.  He is, as one would expect, the inspiration for this strip and some of his anecdotes are the direct basis of what you read here.  He’s taller than he looks on paper, by the way.

On my last visit, we discussed our various adventures since our last meeting.  I told him about my adventures in studentdom, writing articles on whatever springs to mind at the time, and experimenting with new flavours of tea.  He, in turn, told me about his trip to see the Indescribable Beast of Dulton; who goes by the name of Steve Bradley Jr.

“How was he?” I asked.

“Indescribable,” said Nob.

I would turn that anecdote into a comic, for it was truly the most fascinating of stories, but unfortunately it would be too difficult to do justice in comic form.

Hubert Schlongson

The creator of the Blobland Band series of books, comics and radio plays. Hubert Schlongson's original stories were written to pay his mounting gambling debts after his short-lived olympic career ended in scandal following an all night bender involving baked beans, a diver's jerkin and a Flugelhorn.