This episode is written in our usual way; bandying ideas about until we come up with something we like.  The art, however, has taken a different path.  I normally sketch, draw, ink, colour and letter the art myself but today we’ve gone with giving Jenny a turn.

It’s interesting to see another person’s take on some of the characters. Jenny prefers to write about Wilf, Spam and Kevin while I find it much easier to write about Nob and Franky, so it’s usually fairly easy to tell who had the original idea for the story just by looking at who is in it.  However, the artwork has always had my stamp on it: regardless of who thought up the gem of the story, the composition of it is always down to me.

So I thought it was quite cool to see Jenny’s take on things. It’s interesting to note that she’s used an older style of Nob Mouse than I thought she would.  I’ve been gradually fattening Nob Mouse up; not consciously but his squaring is clearly apparent if you look at the art.  It’s also interesting to see her take on his hands – they’re far more human than the chubby lumps I normally draw.

Anyway, enough of my commentary and analysis. I like the change of pace this has brought, but Jenny has told me she’s not interested in making her guest art a regular thing.  You will therefore have to put up with my work from here on in.