Hello, Mousers!

Jennifer keeps telling me that I have to work against detail creep but sometimes it is unavoidable. Take the comic I am drawing for today, for example. It would simply not work if there was a small amount of cutlery, pans and so forth flying through the air, so I have to draw a lot of it.

I think there must therefore be two kinds of detail: the good detail, which is necessary for the correct telling of the story, and the extra detail that is good only when you have the time to put that much effort into the artwork. When drawing three daily comics, this extra amount of detail is simply not always possible.

Nevertheless, it was necessary today so I am putting in the effort. Expect the comic to be up in a few hours as a result but to slake your thirsts for adventure right now you can see the sketch by clicking on the small image below. Enjoy!

A sketch of the 'A dastardly plot' episode of The Life of Nob T. Mouse

So many utensils...