In case you were wondering where the latest update is, I’m here to show you why it isn’t on the website:

Zoe's right hand and forearm encased in a wrist brace

Although it looks like one of those supports gymnasts wear for the bars, it's not. It's also not as fun.

See that? It’s the result of drawing too much. I did two weeks’ worth of All over the house in one day and as a result, I can hardly hold anything in my right hand without a lot of pain. Even my usual daily dose of painkillers (which I take because I have mixed connective tissue disease, not because I’m a pill-popper) just aren’t cutting it.

So, unfortunately, I can’t draw right now. I can type but that’s only because moving my fingers up and down isn’t too strenuous. One of these days I’ll learn to pace myself. Maybe.